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Esterhazy, a small community in southeastern Saskatchewan, has many opportunities for going out to explore. For a smaller community (around 2, 500 people) they are still able to offer a lot of various attractions and fun things to do.



The interpretive centre offers interactive displays that showcase the advancements in technology over the years that have made mineral mining a part of the prairie culture. There are exhibits of various forms of potash from the surface to the mine and it is an enjoyable learning experience.

Take some time to learn some of the history of potash mining on a guided tour of the facility. Pack a picnic along to enjoy in the picnic area afterward!


You can also take a tour of Saskatchewan’s only wood-framed flour mill that was constructed in 1907. Built of Douglas Fir posts and beams, the mill has the original machinery that was patented in the late 1800s. The building combines a flour mill and an elevator and is a unique attraction.


One of the first Hungarian settlements in Western Canada, Kaposvar was established in 1886. The Kaposvar Historical Society preserves, restores and maintains the Historic Site where there is a stone church (1907), stone rectory (1900), Grotto (1942), and cemetery (1886).

You will be able to see artifacts that relate to the history of the Hungarian settlement. They have also established a homestead site which includes a pioneer house, barn, millhouse, and rural schoolhouse. Guided tours are available from mid-May through September.


If you move to Esterhazy and are ready to explore the surrounding area you need to visit some of the local trails. There are trails for walking, hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. There is also a self-guided Heritage Walking Tour of historical sites in the community. Acreage for sale near esterhazy

If you have gone to the Kaposvar historic site, spend some time on the Birding Trails located along the Kaposvar reservoir. You will be able to see a variety of bird and wildlife species.

The Donald Trails is a 14km network of trails used for hiking and for cross-country skiing in winter. The trails run along the edge of the golf course right in town limits.

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If you are out enjoying the many trails and sites in the area, be sure to take along your geocaching gear. There are many caches in the area!


After a long day of exploring you may not feel like cooking supper. There are restaurants and coffee shops in Esterhazy that are sure to delight. If you are looking for a mid-afternoon coffee, check out the zen-like atmosphere of Whippletree Coffee.

If you are looking for supper you can go to Galaxy Restaurant, Crystal’s Bistro, or Mei’s Restaurant.


In the summer, you can enjoy the D.A. MacKenzie Aquatic Centre which is between the arena and the golf course. There is a 25 meter outdoor heated pool which is open June until the end of August. There is also a large heated toddler pool making it a family-friendly facility.

Whether you are moving to Esterhazy, Saskatchewan or just passing through, it is definitely worth taking time to enjoy all that the area has to offer.

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How to Find Authentic Difficult Money Lenders

Really, just a small number of lenders really recognizes the complete concept of repair and flip investing and these individual hard money lenders. Amongst these five different types of lenders, you will need to discover which lender will be suitable for your real-estate investment. Usually people start by trading in to a single household home, that’s why they choose residential hard money lenders.
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But the essential huge difference between the lenders is dependent upon the origin of funds. This is exactly why; they can be simply categorized in to bank lenders and individual hard money lenders. Bank Form Lenders – If you are working with a lender who is providing you funding with the help of some financial institutions, wherever they’ll offer or influence your report to the Wall Road in order to enable you to get money. These kinds of lenders will soon be subsequent some rules and rules specified by the banks or Wall Street.

That’s why, in order to have the loan, you need to follow along with these rules and rules, which is not ideal for a real-estate investor enthusiastic about performing fix and change investing. Individual hard money lenders – They’re the lenders who focus on private basis. They generally function in several personal lenders, who loves to lend money regularly. Their finest quality is that they do not offer their report to any financial institution or bank. They have unique principles and regulations, which are created to support a real estate investor.

Personal Lenders That Are in to Repair and Change – It is possible to find residential difficult income lenders, that are actually in to fix and change loans. All the real estate investors think it is quite difficult to get financing for buying a property, which they have taken under contract. And once they finally a great home and contact a lender for funding, their loans could possibly get rejected on the basis of some community problems. Then a investor look for another house however the lender could not finance them due to industry depreciation.

This way, an investor is always trying to find properties Legal Money Lender Singapore. But some lenders do not have sufficient money to fund their offer, although others are continuously increasing their fascination prices, which can’t be afforded. Besides each one of these dilemmas, you can find lenders who’re ready to provide income on repair and turn properties. These lenders also have particular rules and regulations like a normal bank or economic institution however they are designed to function in prefer for the real estate investor.

Many real estate investors rely on certain individual difficult money lenders due to their source of funds. But obtaining the financing for various property opportunities can be extremely hard in the event that you approach the wrong lender. This information can help you tell the big difference between these lenders and allow you to assist those that can help you.